For Existing Clients Only


As you know, WordPress needs constant updating. Here is a current description of how Paone Creative will manage updates for existing clients. *If you want to hire a 3rd party to provide 24/7 support and perform updates on an ongoing basis we recommend WP Site Care We are happy to help you make the transition to their services as well.

Our Offering

  • Updates will be billed at $100/ hr.
  • You can send us a request to make updates when edits are needed or your update notifications grow. We will also do our best to contact you when any major updates/ security releases are required.
  • Updates require 1-2 week turnaround (depending on size).
  • Updates require a minimum 1.5 hr billing: we will use this time to complete short tasks and then provide you with a budget for completing anything complex or large - then you can choose to move forward or not.

The reason we need to bill by the hour is due to the nature of updates - sometimes they are easy or sometimes they can become complex. We can only provide a cost estimate - you will be billed for hours used. If necessary you can set a budget cap for the updates.

Please contact us if you would like to proceed with the initial $150 commitment to update your site. Let me know if you have questions or concerns.

Request An Update

Request Support

Every website we launch comes with a tutorial microsite. Here is an example with general tutorials. Your brand's microsite will host details specific to your WordPress setup.

If you require personal support or training we are happy to help. Please schedule a training session with us to answer any questions, provide training or refresh your memory. We will also record the session and provide a video copy for later use. Support and training is billed at $100/ hr.

If you require us to fix a bug, answer a question or investigate via email & phone we can do that too. This is billed at $100/hr (only billed for time used). Sometimes this might lead to a WordPress update as described above.

Request Support