Our goal is to ensure your identity and logo design is professional, inspiring and instantly recognizable. If you are a start-up looking for a logo design or an experienced business in need of a brand refresh, we have flexible packages to fit your needs. Let Paone Creative set you apart from the competition.

"I have received many compliments on my company brand and I have Paone Creative to thank for that. She took time to understand my personality, vision and values and fully captured them in the look and feel of my brand."
-Patti Smyth, RHN



Our Services

The Brand Map System

Together, we do the hard work on paper to clarify ‘who you are’ and where you stand’.

Naming & Tagline

How do you choose the right business name? What URL should I buy? We can answer all the questions.

Identity and Logo Design

We take you from hand-rendered concepts to a complete digital logo design.


Business cards, letterhead, email signatures social media icons & more.

Asset Creation

Take your message to the next level with custom illustration, icon design, video and photography.

Graphic Standards Binder

A strong identity is a consistent identity. We send every client away with an actual binder of detailed graphics and instructions.


Why Should I Invest In The Logo Design Process?

A brand is more than just a logo. It is a series of impressions that tell your story to the world. Every impression is collected in the mind of your audience, to form your identity. A memorable brand has a consistent identity with a targeted message.

We take all our clients through a unique discovery process called 'The Brand Map'. We have developed a set-by-step guide to help you clarify your brand. We look for your strengths in the market & build upon them. 'The Brand Map' system ensures the success of your investment.

1. Blueprint

This is when we ask ‘who are you?’. What is your business model, goals, core values, vision & we clarify your name.

2. Position

We dig deep into your target audience, your competitors and what makes you standout in the crowd. 

3. Identity and Logo Design

From sketches to digital renderings we pinpoint the perfect visual representation of your company.


This is all packaged together into a graphic standards binder. The graphic standard’s sets regulations on brand appearance, so that your identity is applied in the future with consistency. We also include a CD archive of all digital logo files, typography a.k.a fonts, pantone colours, illustration or photography & any other assets developed ex: stationery or a website archive.