A plugin called Gravity Forms is used to power the ‘forms’ on your website. *Only edit forms if you are an advanced user. They have their own documentation and support area (support login was setup with license purchase). Learn more from their Getting Started Guides.

Edit A Form

Go to: Forms > Forms > select form (or create a new one)

Form Editor

This will change the fields that appear to the public on your live website. To add or edit column layouts on your form read this tutorial.

Form Settings

Edit ConfirmationsConfirmations are sent or shown to the user after they have completed a successful form.
Edit NotificationsNotification emails are sent to the designated team members.


All form submissions are listed here. It is important to review all your form entries from within WordPress often; Learn how to do this. Be sure to delete entries you no longer need (export or download if you require a saved copy). This will help free up storage space and avoid spam. You can also Export all form entries.

Empty Trash

Clean out your trash once a month to reduce storage consumption. When you delete an entry it is first move to the trash area, so that you can restore an item if needed. If you no longer need an trashed entries you can permanently delete it and any associated uploaded files.

Open trash tab > click ‘Empty Trash’