Tickets are provided by a plugin called Event Tickets Plus. To learn more please see their documentation and support area.

Tickets are created and managed on a per post/page basis. Payments and invoices are tracked through the WooCommerce Orders area.

Overview & Tutorial Video

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Ticket Types

Create free tickets: select RSVP
Create paid tickets: select WooCommerce

If a user RSVP’s for a free ticket, they will complete your custom registration form. Then a copy of the ticket details will be automatically emailed to them.

If a user is purchasing a ticket (for a set fee), they will complete the custom registration form and then are sent to the shopping cart for checkout. The checkout process is managed by WooCommerce and connected to your payment processor. Users can enter in a coupon code at checkout or add other items to their cart before paying. Once payment has been approved (order marked as complete) users will be emailed a copy of the ticket.

Manage Attendees

If you would like to collect attendee specific details you can add custom fields to the registration form. These details, along with attendee names are stored on the post/page that is hosting your tickets. At anytime you can review attendees, manage stock or download/export a list of attendees and their registration data.