Franchise Website | WordPress Multisite Design & Development

4Cats first opened in 2005, as a single studio in Victoria BC. It has grown into an international franchise with over 70 locations in Canada, United States and Australia. However if you walked into a studio or visited their website you would probably not know it was a large franchise. This is what keeps 4Cats connected to its audience. Paone Creative built a WordPress Multisite network for 4Cats. This gave HQ total control over every franchise website but also gave access at a local level, for each individual studio.

4Cats Franchise Website by Paone Creative

4Cats Franchise Website by Paone Creative

4Cats Franchise Website by Paone Creative

Franchise Website Using WordPress Multisite

We chose to use WordPress Multisite for 4Cats because it lets you use 1 WordPress setup/install but at that same time operate multiple websites. 4Cats was looking for a franchise website solution to let each studio have their own website, but still keep it easy for HQ to manage content and branding.

We build a HQ website for the main This website included a home landing page, blog and ecommerce features. Then we built a individual studio website. This included a unique studio home page, class posts, workshop/ event posts, pages and filters.

We setup the studio website to include all the different class, workshops and events that a 4Cats franchise can offer. Since this was built on WordPress multisite, we could replicate this studio website with just a few clicks.

HQ support/ studio owners were then able to customize their individual websites. Change contact details, offerings and promotions. HQ has access to every website but studio’s only have access to their own.


  • Created a WordPress Multisite network for over 70 locations
  • Global Image management for brand consistency
  • eCommerce setup to sell from main location
  • Jackrabbit integration was used for class registration

“The 4Cats mission is to love what you do and make good art. Through our studio experiences, professional art supplies, artwear, events, blog, website & online shop, we wholeheartedly encourage everybody to enjoy a creative life. Art is for everybody.”